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LBR Testimonials

I met Tim more than 20 years ago when he was the tight end for the Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Championship team. As a football player Tim was “Ditka-ish”, a tenacious blocker who had great hands and a challenge to bring the big guy down. Trust me on this one, as I know from experience. One night I told him, “Hey Wrightman, you’re not that big!!” You can imagine what came next. As a friend I know him as being loyal, funny, first class guy who is a helluva a lot of fun to be around.


I know your associates will truly enjoy Tim and the luxurious accommodations of the Lazy Bear Ranch. You will be treated to BIG gourmet meals, 180 acres of property for hunting, hot tub and best of all the Bear Den, to watch all the games on the six-foot big screen T.V.




Charles W. Bidwill III





Our hunting adventure at The Lazy Bear Ranch was nothing short of spectacular!!!!!


Even though your brochure said fully guided, I had just went to the place in Vale, OR and had overlooked that feature.Having you come with us was not only helpful, but you are a kick in the pants to have along, just like another friend.


Your website says this will remind you of Pheasant Hunting the way it was back in the 60's....could not be more true!


The landscape and habitat are second to none. Having coveys of hens flying all over added to the ambiance. Saw deer, rabbits, ducks and geese. Pulled down on numerous hens we knew were not planted. Each memeber of our group had their time to "shine" and that really made our day great!


Every aspect of your facilities are first class. From the office, Outdoor kitchen, guest rooms, Game room to the open gym. I think each member of our party was happy with the experience. The ride home was filled with fun stories and jokes about the great day.


I will be back!!! My goal is for you to get sick of me.


Thank you again for a great day!



Tim Wrightman and his “Lazy Bear Ranch” come together for a “top notch” hunting experience. Tim is a super host. He is an amazing person with a fabulous history to share. He shares his time and experience with you as hunters, while sharing some of his favorite stories regarding the time he spent with the Chicago Bears football team.


I have hunted many different preserve facilities and wholeheartedly recommend the “Lazy Bear Ranch” as the best bird hunting preserve in Idaho and the surrounding area. His facilities including the lodge and grounds are second to none. Tim offers a terrific guided hunt with lunch included at an incredibly reasonable price.


What makes Tim’s facility the BEST is the overall hunting experience with a great natural hunting habitat and pheasants that fly strong and cackle like wild birds. I would highly recommend the “Lazy Bear Ranch” for an outing with the guys or a family experience.


You won’t regret it!


Matt J. Perry | Owner





Dear Tim,


Martha and I had such a good time at your wonderful Lazy Bear Ranch. The accommodations, food, dogs, birds & weather were all top notch! It was the best birthday present ever! I really enjoyed you and Pat and appreciated your excellent guiding. The only thing that could have been better was my shooting. I’m resolved to shoot more clays and redeem myself at the Lazy Bear sometime in the near future!


Thanks Again,

Darla Bateman

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